Sunday, September 03, 2006

From, a transexual, a cancer patient, and a tampon walk into a bar...

Don't have much to say about the VMA', much like the Emmy's, I didn't watch them either. I'm doing real well keeping up my end of this supposed "celebdish", but the sites I mentioned last time do a phenomenal job of reporting all the action and fashion and music of the VMA's. The only outfit I really liked was (gasp) Christina Aguilera's; she looked surprisingly classy but this is part of her whole 1940s transformation as of late. Beyonce's dress wasn't bad either, but I guess her performance was a blatant rip-off of an old Britney Spears routine. Oh, and I did catch Diddy (or Puffy? what the fuck is his name now?) being interviewed by John Norris pre-show (now that MTV plays re-runs of the VMA's in constant rotation--you never miss anything on MTV because they will play it seventy five times throughout the week) and he refused to talk. Oh, he gave the interview, but he had this other guy talking for him and Diddy was speaking in sign language. Like when John Norris mentioned Shakira, he (embarrassingly) started shaking his ass. And John Norris kept trying to put the microphone near his face, and Diddy shook his head no. To be silent is a vast improvement on his character. Let's hope it continues.

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