Friday, September 29, 2006

Fox News is now claiming that the part in Tennessee that Janet Jackson claimed required her to gain weight, never had such a stipulation, from Gossip Rocks: "Oprah had a pretty good interview with Janet Jackson yesterday. But Michael’s one sane sister told Winfrey she’d gained 60 pounds to play a character in the movie Tennessee. However, insiders from that movie claim that no one ever asked Janet to gain that weight, and it wasn’t called for in the script. A very fit Mariah Carey will play the role now when the movie shoots in January …"

Ouch. Replaced by Mariah Carey? The ultimate face. Do I have to bring up Glitter? And hey Janet, we know you have struggles with your weight. So you like yourself some fried chicken, no biggie. Just don't make up a story about why you gained lbs and then talk about fat sex with your boyf Jermaine Dupri, because really, no one wants to hear about that. Though Star Jones was actively taking notes in the likely event that she becomes fat again one day.

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