Wednesday, September 06, 2006

According to reports, Britney Spears has scheduled a c-section for September 14, the first birthday of Sean Preston. The baby, who is reportedly a girl, will be called Jailynn, a combination of her father's first name, Jamie, and her mother's first name, Lynn, as well as her younger sister, Jamie-Lynn. Wow. Could this get any more trashtastic? The babies share a birthday, AND Britney had to create her own first name in homage to her family? I thought it was a little much that her sister was named Jamie-Lynn (try to Spearsname yourself, and take your parents' first names then hyphenate; I'm called Roger-Karen) but this is pushing the envelope. Hopefully these "reports" are just rumors from "friends", you know, those mysterious "sources" mags rely so heavily upon.

Oh, and in other Sean P news, his first word was "Dada." Good, the sooner you can yell it as you see KFed's truck pulling out of the driveway, the better. Pretty soon, he can add "don't leave us!" but that'll be a couple more months.

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