Friday, August 04, 2006

So have you heard that Mel Gibson is a drunk, anti-Semite who calls Jewish cops "sugar tits"? Really? You haven't? So this is news for you? From Mollygood: "A group of Los Angelenos who have been trying to buy billboard space on Sunset Boulevard says they keep getting turned down once billboard companies learn the content of the proposed sign: Gibson’s face with the international sign for “no” over it in red.
“We wanted to make a statement that anti-Semitism is not okay in Hollywood — or anywhere else,” says publicist Andy Behrman, who is spearheading the effort. “They tell us it will be fine, and then when they learn we want to protest Mel Gibson, there’s suddenly some problem.”
Behrman says that he even got an okay for a $40,000 deal from Regency Outdoor to erect the sign on a billboard at Sunset and Holloway on Aug. 15, but was told that the sales rep “had to run this by my boss.” He got a call back saying “my boss doesn’t want to touch this Mel Gibson thing,” Behrman tells The Scoop."

fAlso in Mel Gibson news is an old video unearthed by Extra in which Mel claims, "All my friends are cops. I get on with them." Do you, now? Tell it to the judge, bitch. I never thought I'd see the day when I call Mel Gibson a bitch. Even throughout "The Passion of the Christ" controversy and the discovery that his dad's a Nazi, I liked Mel. Like in "Braveheart" and the cheesily patriotic "The Patriot." But to say you're not something, and then go out (drunkenly) and do/say the complete opposite is disappointing. I can't believe such a major player in Hollywood thinks that Jews started all the wars in the world. This billboard should be put up with some of his drunken quotes. So that no one ever forgets what he did/said. I wonder if he's crying in rehab. I hope someone makes a blog called "Rehab with Mel Gibson" from the inside, like the Pat O'Brien rehab blog. That would be precious.

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