Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jessica Simpson should have learned not to hang around with those boys...she is now is the subject of an X-rated song which features in the new Jackass film, it has been claimed.The 26-year-old actress was rumoured to have had an affair with Jackass stuntman Bam Margera last year, and now his co-member Chris Pontius haswritten a song about their alleged affair for new film Jackass: Number Two. According to the New York Post newspaper, the song is said to describe a "kinky form of intercourse that can't be printed in a family newspaper". Although Jessica and Bam have always denied the affair, Bam's father Philtold a US radio station last May that his son had slept with the Dukes ofHazzard star.The DJ asked: "Is Bam nailing Jessica Simpson? Is that what's going on?"Phil replied: "He's never lied to us, and he said he did."Jessica was still married to Nick Lachey at the time of the alleged fling and a flustered Bam previously admitted he had once shared a bed with her but insisted he had fallen asleep and nothing sexual happened. Jessica's spokesman Rob Shuter still insists the pair never had sex. He said: "There's no truth to it. Bam has been using Jessica's name to get himself attention for a long time."

I wonder what the "kinky form of intercourse" is...and what it's like to have sex with Bam Margera. I feel like you would find a Cheeto in his butt crack if you ever touched him.

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