Friday, August 18, 2006

Good thing Haley Joel Osment didn't see dead people while he was driving drunk and flipped his 1995 Saturn after hitting a mailbox. The Sixth Sense actor was charged with three misdemeanors, including a DUI. Reports People via Bricks and Stones: Osment's blood-alcohol content in the July 20 incident was double the legal limit (at 0.16), Jane Robinson, a spokeswoman for the D.A., tells PEOPLE. The 18-year-old actor crashed his 1995 Saturn last month at around 1 a.m. near Los Angeles. Osment lost control of his car, hit a mailbox on a brick base and flipped over, Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Greg Sisneros said at the time. Osment was also charged for possession of marijuana while driving and being under the age of 21 and driving with a .05 percent blood alcohol content, according to Deputy District Attorney Ed Green. Ouch. A 1995 Saturn? I wonder if his parents are the type to horde all of his movie-made millions in a secret account and force his to drive a shitty car around. Maybe he was just rebelling. In your face mom and dad, I smoke pot! Pretty soon that kid from Jerry Maguire who says bees can smell fear will be involved in an oxycontin scandal. Ah, the life of a child star.

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