Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From Seriously OMG WTF, Pete Doherty going crackhead wild in rehab, after he punched a nurse in the face and trashed his room. Good work! If it takes anger to get you sober, then so be it. "Pete Doherty punched a nurse and trashed his own room in a rehab clinic as the out-of-control crack addict went berserk. The Babyshambles singer - desperately pining for supermodel lover Kate Moss - turned violent after screaming foul-mouthed abuse at a male nurse who told him to attend more therapy sessions for his drug habits. Doherty, 27, punched the medical man, kicked the door and slammed walls with his hands during the tantrum at the Priory clinic on Sunday night." This is after reports that he missed his own wedding in Bali, after Kate flew in family members and friends, but Pete couldn't get away from rehab to attend. Didn't he say they were getting married after he got clean? Not during? I know I post a lot on Pete Doherty and Kate Moss, but he is seriously one of my favorite celebs to watch, just because he's so fucked up. And I love the Libertines. So expect more in the future, hopefully they'll be a wedding sometime soon.

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Jerkstore said...

I love the Libertines as well, but I think you put it best in the first sentence "OMG WTF" I don't care who the fuck this guy is, how did he manager to get Kate Moss. He looks like a dark haired version of Corky.