Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From Bricks and Stones: Angelina Jolie reportedly bailed out of the heavily fortified $9 million Malibu estate of Brad Pitt. Star Magazine is set to report in this week's issue that the actress and brand new biological mom left in a huff after a fight with Pitt and checked into the Hotel Bel Air in L.A. The Star will report that on July 29 hotel staff was shocked to see a gorgeous brunette with three young children an assistant and a bodyguard in tow in need of last minute accommodations. The weekly magazine reports that was Angie and the kids and that Brad Pitt was nowhere in sight.

Okay, Star, usually I back you, but this doesn't seem like a worthy cover story, especially since your rival got the Jen/Vince engagement story, which will totally sell more copies. Star meanwhile is reporting that Matthew McConaughey may be Jen's new boyfriend, when everyone knows he's gay for Lance Armstrong.

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