Friday, August 18, 2006

Britney Spears tells People magazine that her second pregnancy was unplanned: "It just kind of happened." Yeah, you know what else "happens"? Venereal diseases. Tell you husband to stop sleeping with strippers on his "club promotion weekends" in Vegas. And Britney looks really air-brushed in these photos, it almost doesn't even look like her. But it's worlds better than that hideous purple frock and bad hair extensions she wore to the interview with Matt Lauer.
Sean Preston has been voted the worst dressed man (man??) in Hollywood, which I feel a little bad about. I mean, he's not even a year old...imagine when he hits puberty awkwardness and may even have braces. The press will tear him a new one. I think he is the cutest boy baby in Hollywood, and Coco Arquette takes the cake for cutest girl. Above is Britney with sister Jamie Lynn and Sean P.

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