Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why is she always posing like this? It's not like she's on the red carpet or anything; she's in a fucking bedroom at Jeremy Piven's house, and a sparsely decorated one at that. Looks like Lindsay and her heavily-tattooed boyfriend have gone under the needle again...Lindsay already has three tattoos: the word "breathe" on her right wrist, a star on her left wrist, and the Italian phrase "la bella vita" meaning "the good life" on her lower back. Okay. Color me embarrassed. I have a star on my left wrist, and I swear I got it before her. Please don't judge me, I copied Giselle Bundchen, not Lohan or Ashlee Simpson. But her new tattoo is a white heart between her thumb and index finger. Boyfriend Harry Morton got a cross in an unspecified place, but I heard it was on his anatomy. Doesn't he already have like thirty three crosses on him? Not a fan.

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