Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tori Spelling is not pregnant, according to her rep, Sarah Fuller. From I'm Not Obsessed, “No she is not pregnant,” spokesperson Sarah Fuller tells Access. “She was in that store over six weeks ago buying a gift for a friend who recently had a baby.” Suuuuuuure. But since they're not pregnant, they don't have to blow Tori's newfound riches since Us Weekly is reporting that After her father, Aaron, passed away on June 18, there was speculation that Candy Spelling would block her daughter from any inheritance (the two are estranged over Candy’s long-running relationship with Mark Nathanson, which Tori calls “inappropriate”). But a "source" tells US that Tori, 33, will get a significant portion of her father's $500 million estate. Adds the pal, "If Candy would have gotten her way, Tori wouldn't have gotten a thing." Ouch, what a wicked mother. And it's her flesh-and-blood mother, not even her evil stepmother. I think it's pretty trashy that her mom is seeing somebody on the sly and would leave the Spelling compound when Aaron was ill to visit Mark Nathanson.

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