Saturday, July 29, 2006

Supposedly Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have set a wedding date for late summer or early fall. Thanks for not being vague, guys. As if you weren't shrouded in enough secrecy with your mystery baby and weird love affair. The 44-year-old actor proposed to Katie, 27, on the Eiffel Tower in Parislast year and their daughter Suri was born this April. Rumours have been rife the couple were planning to wed in secret thisweekend, but Tom's spokesman Paul Blach has quashed the claims. However, he has revealed the couple will tie the knot either later thissummer or early autumn. He said: "As far as I know, the plans are for late summer, maybe a bitlater."Blach also said the couple plan to marry in private at one of Tom's homes.Despite plans for the nuptials going ahead, it is rumoured that Katie's parents will not attend the event if the pair wed in a Scientology ceremony. Martin and Kathleen Holmes are both deeply devout Catholics and it has been reported that neither will accept their invitations because they do notapprove of Tom's devotion to the bizarre sci-fi cult. Thanks to Hollywood Rag for the story.

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