Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lindsay Lohan and guests took full advantage of her star status while at a closed-down Disneyland when they partied there in celebration of her 20th birthday on July 2. Unfortunately, as MiceAge reports, the party soon became Fully Loaded as they cavorted in the empty theme park until after midnight: "The CM's operating the attractions for the small group also noticed a certain smell in the air, but their supervisors insisted that they continue to operate the attractions for the group." Now is that certain smell weed? Booze? Crystal meth? Just kidding on that last one, everyone knows you do meth at DisneyWORLD not DisneyLAND.
Lindsay and her new boyf, Harry Morton, king of the worst tattoos, enjoy an intimate moment.
The first photo of Lindsay and Harry, with Lindsay in yet another bikini. Seriously, does she have one for every day of the week?

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Tommie Shefsky said...

Okay I'm flat out obsessed with this new blog- especially the britney/ ursula comparison. LOVE IT!