Friday, July 28, 2006

Is Halle Berry pregnant? Or just wearing a flowing dress and ate a too-big lunch? The rumor mill is churning on this one, as people speculate her pregnancy coming shortly before her 40th birthday, just as Halle hoped. I don't know if I'm ready to have Halle Berry on the baby train.

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whazup2006 said...

Anything to sell copy, huh? Great PR for Splash News.

Halle Berry is not pregnant or at least to the best of my knowledge at the present time--can you say Photoshop?

Regardless of wishing her the best whenever she has a child, she is not pregnant looking a little bloated or gained a little weight--that's how rumors get started . I will believe it when she confirms it.

Saw the original photos several days ago on (not sure what the current page is now) of her in similar pictures with the caption that she's put on a little weight nothing more nothing less.

In recent photos of her on various sites including or (maybe page 5-7, not sure with the photos of her from last month being re-circulated as pointed out to me by of her surveying her building site and her in Miami with Aubry doing golf and dinner) showing her in Tokyo on the 13th-14th for the X3 premiere, she didn't look pregnant in the press conference photos in tight jeans or the sleek tight fitting dress and new hairdo or wig--check the photos—no baby bump. She doesn't look pg in those photos at all.

Nope, not pregnant-false alarm. Check out the other new pix on of her running from the papps in some of them wearing an open white blouse w/an orange bikini top, khaki beige shorts and definitely a very flat stomach.

Nice try!